How to Play

Mark off the squares on your bingo card as they occur during the Super Bowl. The first player to get 5 in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) wins! Super Bowl Bingo is the perfect game to play at any Super Bowl Party.

Super Bowl Bingo Card Options

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3 pages
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Super Bowl LIII

Los Angeles Rams vs New England Patriots

Super Bowl LIII - February 3, 2019
False StartNE
Fumble Lost
Kick/Punt Return TDNE
Rushing Touchdown
QB Spike to Stop ClockLAR
Rushing Touchdown
Pass InterferenceOffensive HoldingNE
Reaches 10+ Points
Turnover on DownsLAR
Reaches 10+ Points
Field Goal
Fumble Lost
Tie Score After 0-0Injury TimeoutSack by
50+ Yard Field GoalLAR
3rd Down Conversion
Passing Touchdown
Coach's ChallengeLAR
Passing Touchdown
QB Kneel Down

(cards will be generated and downloaded as a PDF file)